Drawing Masterclass

My drawing masterclass books help guide you step by step in how to draw everyday objects, people and animals. 

I currently have two books available, please view further details on each book by reading more below:

Drawing Masterclass - Clothed Figures

drawing-masterclass-people-book-cover-webThe book is aimed at beginners and intermediates alike and will show you how to draw the clothed figure from scratch. Throughout the book you will find examples of different skin types and colours, people in different poses dressed in a variety of clothing and some step by step's to show you how to draw them yourself. There are many types of mediums used within this book, some of which will be familiar and some which may surprise you!

Drawing Masterclass - Animals

DFP AnimalsCover author3-1-tn"Drawing Masterclass – Animals" will take you through your portrait from start to finish including information on how to compose your chosen subject and the choice of surfaces to work on. It explains how to take photographs of your subjects and the best compositions to use. There is a detailed section on the different methods available to transfer your image to paper, the various dry mediums you could use, the tools required to help you and how to set up your workstation.