I do accept commissions and if it is feasible for me to take my own photographs to work from I much prefer to do this. However, I realise this isn't always possible so as long I can be provided with a good quality, close up, sharp image to work from – preferably taken in natural light rather than with a flash that will be fine. It is extremely important that I have all the detail to work from especially if I have not seen the subject first hand.

Quality of Portrait

You can guarantee that the likeness of your subject will be captured and that the quality of your portrait is assured. If I believe that I am unable to produce a portrait to the high standards I regularly achieve from the images I have been supplied, I will not accept the commission.

Example of Portrait Likeness Achieved


Original Photo                                                                                      Painting Produced


Pricing is as follows for one subject per painting. All sizes are standard, ensuring that a bespoke ready-made frame can be purchased to house your painting. All prices include a double mount/no frames. Due to most paintings being delivered by post it has proved

cheaper and safer to send portraits unframed.

16" x 12" (300 x 400mm) (cats and small dog breeds – mainly head & neck portraits) £195

20" x 16" (400 X 500mm) (med to large dog breeds/horse head –head & neck portraits) £245

20" x 24" (500 x 600mm) (two or more head shots/horse head or full body portrait) £325

Please call me on 07800 600 785 to discuss if you are unsure about the ordering process. I do take card payments and a £50 deposit is required when placing your order. Please allow 6-8 weeks from order to delivery – this may be slightly longer over Christmas.

Just a word of advice when ordering, please be realistic with what you want achieve within the size constraint you choose. It may be more expensive to select a larger size but the results will be more than worth it – you will not be disappointed with your portrait! It is likely you will only do this once, so why not have the painting you have dreamed of....